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FYI: This page covers limited information to help give an insight view of SQUAD. You can read more about the game on the official JOIN SQUAD website and on the official JOIN SQUAD Wiki on FANDOM.

SQUAD is a multiplayer - first-person shooter game that offers FANTASTIC graphics, sounds, vehicles and REALISTIC weapons selection. SQUAD capture's combat realism on large scale maps, through; "Team Work, Communication, Coordination, Tactics and Playing The Objective".

Each TEAM must coordinate and strategize their SQUADS to designated areas around the map. Each SQUAD Leader then leads his SQUAD to a designated area(s) with building materials and ammo supplies via helicopters or logistics trucks to place a Radio Hub for thier Forward Operting Base (FOB) and build Deployables (Ammo crate, sandbags, razorwire, etc.) to sustain their postion. During the course of battle each SQUAD must continue to supply their location(s) with supplies and soldiers to control the movement. If a TEAM or SQUAD loses a strategic location(s) and/or assets they must recapture those locations to reestablish control of the movement or they'll start to lose TICKETS. The team who holds the majority of strategic locations, assets and tickets will WIN the match.

PLEASE BE ADVISED: Be sure to understand the basics of play and mechanics of SQUAD by attending the Jensen's Range where you can learn the basics of play and mechanics or train on the Single Player Mode, Shooting Range where you can practice with every KIT and vehicles, most importantly familiarize yourself with SQUAD Leadership responsibilities before attempting to lead a SQUAD. The community is PROACTIVE and will TRAIN players interested in being a SQUAD Leader. Also, depending on the game mode battles can run 60 mintues or longer, so be prepared to fight it out. "This is NOT A RUN and SHOOT game!"

My Opinion: SQUAD is the "BEST TEAM BASED" multiplayer game where EVERYONE works together and contributes. Also, it's supportive community helps keep this game F.U.N. to play!


SQUAD has predetermined, KIT ROLES in four different categories; Command and Support, Direct Combat, Fire Support and Specialist. Each role largely influences what you will do on the battlefield!

This setup allows for consistency, NOT ONE PLAYER has the advantage over another; "First to be spotted is first dead, it's that simple!"


SQUAD has various game modes from, Capture Points (4) or Objectives (3) with rotating maps and a Single Player Mode called, Shooting Range where you learn your character, load all available maps and mods.

BTW, some game modes have a 3-minute Staging Period at the beginning of a new match which gives ALL SQUADS time to plan and coordinate.


If you're NEW to SQUAD, learn the basics of play and mechanics on Jensen's Range or train on the Single Player Mode, Shooting Range. Game is Required.

If havent played in awhile and need some tuning up? Attend Jensen's Range, Shooting Range or maybe just a few videos. Read More.


Now that you see what SQUAD has to offer, FANTASTIC graphics, sound, TEAM PLAY and an active COMMUNITY what are you waiting for! Get Your Game On STEAM.

BTW, Post Scriptum is now SQUAD 44, the most intense WW2 first-person shooter you'll ever play. Get Your Game On STEAM.