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Get Your Game On!

FYI: This page covers limited information on CALL OF DUTY game components. Also the prices shown were based at the time of this posting, click links to validate current pricing.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare is a "FREE" Massively Multiplayer Online Game that offers great graphics, sounds, vehicles and a vast weapon selection with endless LOADOUT configurations. You can unlock and customize your loadouts by completing challenges and contracts or you can "BUY" your way via COD POINTS or the current BATTLE PASS for around $30US.

Now, if you prefer to skip the grind of completing challenges and contracts you can "BUY" (there's that word again...) the STANDARD or VAULT EDITION (VE comes with tier skips and perks...) for a HEFTY PRICE of $70US to $100US (YES, you read correctly...). Either version does give you access to the Single Player Campaign, Multiplayer, Battle Royale, Resurgence, Co-Op, DMZ (interesting concept - I like it...👍) and more .

In the end you can play the "FREE" version but with limited access or content; mainly PLUNDER, (a favorite of many...👍) or Lockdown (👎) with ocassional access to locked game modes. Regardless of the version, it's the "SAME-O" focus on variations "Battle Royale" and "Resurgence", where you just RUN and SHOOT with MINIMAL FOCUS on TEAM WORK or COMUNICATION.

With that said, let's move on to components that NEED attention, refinement, fixing...

As I mentioned, you have a wonderful product but it falls short to the level it can be. So, who ever makes the decisions can you implement a better;

(1) Better Weapon Balance:

  • WHY in the hell is the, (a)Sniper Rifle and (b)Melee weapons so RIDICUSLY DEADLY, it ONLY ENCOURAGES CAMPERS. Lastly (c), why does it takes 20, 30 or more rounds to down/kill a player when (a) and (b) are ridicusly deadly.
  • Game Scenerios:
    (a) Shooting at a Sniper with Overpressured Ammo, but sniper still drops you with ONE SHOT....WTF!
  • (b) You throw Semtex and shoot at player running towards you with Riot Shield, YOU'RE DEAD...WTF!
  • (c) You empty 20 or more rounds ONLY for the player to turn and throw a knife, YOU'RE DEAD...WTF!
  • For what it's worth and it's a simple concept; "You get the drop on someone, you should WIN the fight" and CALIBRATE/BALANCE the WEAPONS before release, it will create a BETTER GAMING EXPERIENCE.

(2) Punishment System:

  • Like any other, this game has it's fair share of; (a)EXPLOITERS and (b)QUITTERS that RUIN the F.U.N. of playing!
  • DMZ scenerios:
    (a)You get downed and "Plea for Help", someone accept's your call only to PREVENT other players who would assist OR uses this to bait players and attack them.
    (a)You answer a "Plea for Help", ONLY for that player to tell his original squad to eliminate you and revive him!
  • (b)A player in your squad goes ROGUE to complete PERSONAL CHALLENGES then EXFILs OR QUITS because he's having a bad round or his buddies DM's him to play.
  • Punish Violators:
    Solution for ALL GAME MODEs is to use DMZs system until something better is implemented. "You (a)EXPLOIT and/or (b)QUIT you LOSE ANY PROGRESS and ALL weapons for ONE HOUR, except for a pistal". When you start a new game, you get a pistal THAT'S IT until the ONE HOUR is complete.
  • Unfortunately, this will affect players who lose connectivity, but it's better than nothing and I'm no exception...

(3) TEAM WORK System:

  • A team work system can be achieved by implementing TEAM BASED RULES and use the DMZs WARNING SYSTEM to warn players they've SEPARATED from the team. On the SECOND WARNING that player(s) shouldn't be rewarded. You created a SQUAD FILL TOGGLE, but it's amazing how many players DON'T USE it to play solo.

Once again, for what it's worth and it's a simple concept; "You get the drop on someone, you should WIN the fight" and CALIBRATE/BALANCE the WEAPONS before release, it will create a BETTER GAMING EXPERIENCE.





My Opinion: With everything this game has to offer, it LACKS the ability to promote TEAM WORK, COMMUNICATION and need to do more about the EXPLOITERS and QUITTERS. Lastly, if your choice is to GO ROGUE/SOLO, READ MORE...

WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot - Out!